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5 Best Sites of 2022 to Help You Get out More

get out more
Atlas Obscura Site

Atlas Obscura

1. Atlas Obscura – lists of unusual, fascinating, occasionally frightful, and off-the-beaten-path locations worldwide. Amazing for the strange hunter or for just finding new cool stuff around your own city. Visit amazing castles and ruins, discover secret caves, explore abandoned buildings, and find amazing things to do near your home.

Scotts Cheap Flights

2. Scotts Cheap Fights – Open for an adventure to wherever? Check out Scotts Cheap Flights, perfect for the lazy escapist deal hunter who doesn’t really care where they go, they just want to go! This site is pretty cool, they just send you emails about deals that their program has found. You can between 50-90% off flights. Most of the time they’re 50% off. I’ve checked the prices against skyscanner and it really does successfully give a good discount.


3. Hoodmaps – Do you enjoy exploring cities with just a general idea of the area? Do you enjoy just walking down the streets not knowing where you’ll end up but don’t want to get mugged or scammed? Check out this map, a cool map which lets locals paint the city in informative colors and entertaining callouts which let you know which areas touristsy, hipster, rich, and normal. Navigate confidently around any new city. Find the hipster spots or just places to avoid. Use the knowledge of the locals to discover places to wander in every city.



4. Nomadlist – Are you a e nomad? Work from your laptop? Need some recommendations on where to go? Well this amazing site is the perfect resource to help you out. Good internet an absolute must have? Good air? Check different nomadic destinations rated and reviewed by current nomads. You can search by monthly total cost, internet speed, or a number of other criteria. You can see and connect with the current community of nomads in the area. Now you can spend your days roaming the globe and still have a productive and profitable career.


Van Life Trader

5. VanLifeTrader – If you’ve always wanted to try that vanlife but don’t know where to start?! Too lazy to build your own camper van or just don’t know where to start? Check this site out with a constant flow of camper vans for sale. You can just buy a van with the conversion already done for you! These are great starter vans, they range from pretty cheap to luxurious, a lot of them are in great condition. A great option if you don’t have a lot of space to start a conversion.


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