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What To Consider When Building Your Self-Defense Keychain


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With violent crime on the rise, making your self-defense keychain is both smart and practical. We’ve done the research for you and there are really only two things to consider when creating your own self-defense keychain. The first is efficiency, is your self-defense tool going to stop an attacker dead in their tracks? The second is speed, how fast can you deploy this tool effectively? Do you need to look at it to figure out it’s orientation or can you quickly and reliably figure it out just by touching it.

The most effective self-defense tool and top recommendation if you had to add a single thing to your keychain is pepper spray. It is our top pick for several reasons. First and most importantly it is highly effective, a single blast will cause them to stop in their tracks and will incapacitate them for 15 to 45 minutes. Pepper spray causes instant inflammation of the eyes and mucous membranes, blinding your target and causing issues to the respiratory system. There are several options for pepper spray for whether you’re going to carry it on your keychain or in a purse. For simplicity’s sake this is the one we recommend, but check out our article on top pepper sprays for more in-depth comparisons.

SABRE Pepper Gel with Flip Top
The great thing about the SABRE Pepper Gel is that it comes in many colors so it’s a little more inconspicuous. It also uses a gel which gives it further range.

Personal Alarm

The second piece of self-defense equipment we recommend is a Personal Alarm system, after you’ve pepper sprayed your attacker you should set off the alarm to further disorient them and to alert people around you that something is happening. There are many options for personal alarms, but the main thing to consider here is how easy or hard it is to stop the alarm once it’s set off. We wanted an alarm that when turned on, wasn’t easy for an attacker to throw away or turn off, and for that reason the

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm 140DB is our only pick.
Other options that we’ve researched have pins that don’t really pull out, so a small push will simply turn it off if the attacker manages to get a hold of it. There are also some options where the pin is attached to the keychain instead of the alarm device, so an attacker can just grab the alarm and throw it away.

Window Breaker / Tactical Pen

The final piece of gear that we’d recommend is a window breaker or tactical pen. We hope that an attacker never gets close enough to you that you would have to use this, but in a pinch, this could make someone regret attacking you. Even in the hands of anybody with moderate strength the blows that you could deliver using the focused point is enough to stop anybody and make them turn away.
The window breaker is an intimidating choice that might deter attackers just by the sight of it. A tactical pen is a bit more discreet, it really depends on how you want to put together your self defense keychain.

For price and simplicity we recommend this item
Window Breaker / Self Defense Baton

Taser or Stun Gun

Many of you might be wondering why we didn’t suggest a taser or stun gun, we don’t recommend this for a few reasons, a taser usually only fires once and many products have questionable numbers on the voltage. We’ve also seen many people get stunned for minutes, compared to the 15 to 45 minute timer on pepper spray, a stun gun only has moderate stopping power. Although you can reload and recharge it, that isn’t really important.


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