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Glendora Mountain Rd. to Mt. Baldy – Lower/Upper Monroe Truck Area

Glendora Mountain Road

Glendora Mt Rd. to Mt Baldy

Difficulty : Challenging to Very Challenging

This is the actual road up to Mt. Baldy through Glendora. Great for very strong road cyclists who can actually make the 20 mile climb. It’s a steep 3714 ft up and 840 ft down – making a total climb of 2,874 ft. It’s a grueling ride up and a beautiful ride down and if you make it, you should feel confident you’ve done one of the hardest rides in the socal area. I mean you’re climbing a mountain in a few hours! Make sure to bring water and snacks, it’s a long and tough ride and you don’t want to be stuck without anything to eat or drink. You can park your car at any point along the mountain road there are many outlets to choose from.

From this road there are a number of intermediate to advanced intermediate trails like the lower monroe truck trail and the upper monroe truck trail. There’s also the Dalton road punk out trail.

glendora mountain road
glendora mountain road


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