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Marshall Canyon MTB Trail

EffortBrisk – Challenging
Length Distance5 Mi +
Length Time3 Hours
Total Ascent1100 ft
Max Elevation2380 ft
Dogs AllowedYes

My personal favorite for it variety, vicinity, and beginner friendliness. This MTB trail is so much fun. It starts with a brisk ride through a nice shaded oak forest as you make your way into the mountains. Once you reach the actual mountain area, This beginning part is a pretty tough climb.

How to Get Here

To start get to the Oak Mesa Elementary School, it’s connected to a park, and you can find free parking here. Most people start here, it about a 2 minute ride to the actual start of the trail head from here.
You’ll most likely see lots of other bikers, you’ll be looking for the bridge to cross, and then it’s a short ride to the trailhead, check your map to easily find it.

When you pass under this bridge you’ll know you’re going the right way.

A little taste of the beauty of this trail.

This path is when you actually reach the mountains, it’s about a 30-45 minute ride in to get to places like this, so budget around 3-4 hours to fully enjoy this area, cause once you get into the mountains you won’t want to leave, there’s SO many different paths you can take it’s a real adventure.

You can see this bike path on the left along the crest of the mountains, it’s part of the trail as well.

Once you get into the mountains it starts to get really steep, but the ride down is incredible, so much fun!

There’s also this little hidden gem once you reach the mountains, amazing people have been building ramps for all levels of riders to enjoy.


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