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100+ Amazing Websites You Haven’t Seen


Planning your next road trip? Or Looking for a great new show to watch? A huge range of absurdly great websites. Ranging from useful to weird to fun, I love discovering new things and I’m sure you do too. A set of handpicked websites each grouped and reviewed for your exploring pleasure.

5 Best Sites of 2022 to Help You Get out More

get out more

Atlas Obscura 1. Atlas Obscura – lists of unusual, fascinating, occasionally frightful, and off-the-beaten-path locations worldwide. Amazing for the strange hunter or for just finding new cool stuff around your own city. Visit amazing castles and ruins, discover secret caves, explore abandoned buildings, and find amazing things to do near your home. Scotts Cheap Flights […]

Glendora Mountain Rd. to Mt. Baldy – Lower/Upper Monroe Truck Area

Glendora Mountain Road

Glendora Mt Rd. to Mt Baldy Difficulty : Challenging to Very Challenging This is the actual road up to Mt. Baldy through Glendora. Great for very strong road cyclists who can actually make the 20 mile climb. It’s a steep 3714 ft up and 840 ft down – making a total climb of 2,874 ft. […]

Marshall Canyon MTB Trail


Effort Brisk – Challenging Length Distance 5 Mi + Length Time 3 Hours Total Ascent 1100 ft Max Elevation 2380 ft Dogs Allowed Yes My personal favorite for it variety, vicinity, and beginner friendliness. This MTB trail is so much fun. It starts with a brisk ride through a nice shaded oak forest as you […]

Sam Merill Trail


Effort Med – Challenging Length Distance 5.6 Miles Length Time 3 Hours Total Ascent 1460 ft Max Elevation 3207 ft Dogs Allowed Yes This is one of the best trails in L.A. no doubt. It has lots of beautiful views and has a lot choices moving forward when you reach the top. It’s extra cool […]

Best 3 Sunny Hikes in LA for Fall and Winter


Even with its reputation as a concrete jungle, Los Angeles is home to some great hiking trails. When it gets chilly in LA it’s a great opportunity to hit some of the more sun-exposed trails to make like a lizard and soak up some sun. If you’re a local you might know some of these […]

The 4 Best Beginner MTB Trails in Los Angeles


There is no better way to get active in nature than by hitting the trails on a mountain bike. There are plenty of great places to ride in Los Angeles, but sometimes it can be overwhelming when you’re new to the sport and don’t know where to start. If you live in LA and are looking for some beginner-friendly MTB trails, then read on!

11 Wonderful Weekend Camping Destinations in Southern California

camping in california

Southern California is one of the most picturesque places to explore. The region covers several cities and locations just outside of them that are perfect for camping and exploring nature. If you’re a backpacker or camper who loves going on nature hikes, camping under the stars, or exploring new places — then this article is […]

Killer Korean Brands for Cool Camping Gear


Korea has a thriving hiking and camping culture, with thousands of private, public, and boondocking camping spots. They differentiate themselves from Japanese campers by their preference for glamping and their fondness for pork belly. Outdoor gear manufacturers in Korea have grown up supporting these campers. Their desire for outdoor glamp sessions means more tables, more […]

Awesome Alternatives to a Concealed Carry Jacket


GOOD HOLSTER REQS. Safety is the main purpose of using a holster. A holster is there to protect you and those around  you by shielding the trigger and keeping it fastened to your person. Comfort may appear to be a minor requirement, it ranks among the top three. You won’t carry if your holster is difficult to use. What’s the point of this if you’re not carrying? A gun (and holster) that you carry every day is far superior to […]


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