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Awesome Alternatives to a Concealed Carry Jacket


GOOD HOLSTER REQS. Safety is the main purpose of using a holster. A holster is there to protect you and those around  you by shielding the trigger and keeping it fastened to your person. Comfort may appear to be a minor requirement, it ranks among the top three. You won’t carry if your holster is difficult to use. What’s the point of this if you’re not carrying? A gun (and holster) that you carry every day is far superior to […]

What To Consider When Building Your Self-Defense Keychain


Reading Time 4 Minutes With violent crime on the rise, making your self-defense keychain is both smart and practical. We’ve done the research for you and there are really only two things to consider when creating your own self-defense keychain. The first is efficiency, is your self-defense tool going to stop an attacker dead in […]

10 Great Pieces of Minimalist Camping Gear for the Stoic


You’re a minimalist and utilitarian and you’re asking yourself what are the few pieces of gear I need to carry with me? Well, we hope this list can help you plan and make the right decisions when planning your expedition. Some of these items are interchangeable like the machete and knife, it is mainly the […]


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