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The 4 Best Beginner MTB Trails in Los Angeles


There is no better way to get active in nature than by hitting the trails on a mountain bike. There are plenty of great places to ride in Los Angeles, but sometimes it can be overwhelming when you’re new to the sport and don’t know where to start. If you live in LA and are looking for some beginner-friendly MTB trails, then read on!

Marshall Canyon Trail

The Marshall Canyon Trail is one of my favorite trails. It has lots of little ramps, interesting terrain, and is nicely shaded almost throughout the entire ride. This is seriously a super fun adventure ride. There are a lot of splits so you can ride the trail a number of different ways. Little secret up at the top there is a ramp area for some serious jumps. I ate shit there a few times just flying through the air.
Park in the Oak Mesa Park parking lot or on Wheeler Avenue next to the park.
Between the park and the elementary school to the south, take the paved route.

MTB Project – Marshall Canyon

Fullerton Loop

The Fullerton loop is absolutely perfect for beginners, a 11 mile simple loop that weaves through the city. It’s a pretty well known bike route and runs right through the heart of Fullerton. It’s a great ride to train your endurance on. Since it does zig and zag out of residential areas it is a little easy to get lost. Just be sure to bring your phone with you and you’ll be alright since this place has perfect reception throughout.

The circle, which travels clockwise, has sections that are close to railroad tracks and bridal trails, as well as singletrack, rapid downhills, stunning panoramas, and even a section that is shaded by a lake. It also includes a few climbs that are steep and rocky.

Parking at the Courthouse and you can usually see a lot of bikers going on the trail so it’ll be easy to find your way. If you need detailed instructions check out this link.

Fullerton Loop

Portuguese Bend Reserve Loop

This a fun and pretty ride. A lot of fast rolling single track with some technical areas and switch backs. The climb on the fire road is a cardio buster, but worth it when you get to the top. Stop at the park for a bit to enjoy there views, then head back down for all the downhill riding.

Portuguese Bend has thrilling singletrack descents and fire road ascents with breathtaking ocean vistas.
Park on Forrestal Drive next to the Ladera Linda Community Center unless you enjoy climbing to finish.

Portuguese Bend Reserve Loop

El Prieto Trail

This trail is the most advanced on the list. El Prieto is a great trail to practice your technical skills and build up your strength. It has the full gambit of terrain if you’re looking for a trail to challenge your skills. El Prieto is a single track trail in the Angeles National Forest. This trail has a couple of challenging sections that require you to get off your bike and push up steep grades. This is a fun trail to do on the weekend with a group of friends.

Regular routes to El Prieto involve ascending Brown Mountain to the first saddle and then taking the Fern Truck Trail down to the higher El Prieto entrance.
The downhill exit of El Prieto is visible at the log as you climb Brown.
Recognize that El Prieto attracts a lot of hikers and that using a bell is strongly suggested, especially on weekends.

El Prieto Trail


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